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Shapewear Guide - Know When & How to Wear? - WrapAndTuck

Shapewear Guide - Know When & How to Wear?

Who doesn’t want to get into an alluring shape?

Of course, we all do. And how can we do so? By hitting the gym or sweating the fat out!

Yeah, that’ll surely do, but what if you need to get in shape for a special occasion due in the coming days? Here is a quick fix. drumroll!! A shapewear. 

What is it? What does it do? When to wear it? Get answers to these and more such questions below.  Let’s dive into the shapewear guide.

What Is Shapewear?

Shapewear is worn under clothing that seamlessly aligns the bulges or loosened skin with your body figure. It smooths out the curves of your body and makes your figure look attractive and fabulous. 

What Does Shapewear Do?

Shapewear for women

Shapewear is made of fabric that is roped in with elastic. The elastic provides light medium to firm compression to bring the bulges back to the body. Also, some butt-enhancing shapewear is designed to enhance the buttocks resulting in a beautiful lifted curvaceous figure.

When to Wear Shapewear? 

Shapewear can be worn whenever you want, be it on any occasion. However, it is recommended not to wear it daily. In addition, how long one should wear is something to be cautious about. 

The compression the shapewear provides may make you uncomfortable. You can feel suffocating. If kept on for longer than you can bear usually, it may have some implications on physical health. And to avoid such repercussions, you need to listen to your gut. Try to slip out of it as soon as you feel uncomfortable.

When to Wear Shapewear

However, here is the recommendation for you to keep on the shapewear with different compression levels.

For shapewear with a light compression effect, 12 hours would be fine. Next, try to reduce the time to 6-7 hours for medium compression shapewear. Lastly, for firm compression, shapewear wearing for more than 6 hours is not recommended for its constricting effect. 

How to Wear Shapewear? 

If you’re thinking just like a dress, then let us clear the cloud of misconception for you. Pulling it down to the bottom is the right way to make yourself go bananas over the decision to wear shapewear in the first place. Bemused! Don’t be. 

Let us explain why.

How to Wear Shapewear

Due to the elastic used in the fabric, pulling it down from top to bottom is way more difficult as it hugs your body perfectly, and in that way, moving it down becomes a task. Imagine pulling up tight jeans. So, what is the right way?

The right way to wear shapewear is to first roll it down to its bottom, then start slipping into it by putting your legs first while unrolling it till you reach the top or wherever it is supposed to be. And voila! There is your flattering figure enhanced by shapewear toning your body and complimenting your looks.  

Where To Buy Shapewear?

Whether you’re thinking of buying online or offline, it's imperative to do certain checks on it. Anything that touches your skin needs to be skin-friendly, to begin with. Next, do check for the right size, color options, etc. But most important of all is customer feedback.

Where To Buy Shapewear

The real experience people have with the shapewear regarding its quality, feel, and so on helps you to get an idea about it. A fine quality product not only offers a nice experience but also stays with you for a long time. 

Now, if you’re scratching your head about finding the shapewear that we’ve talked about. Just stop. Here is the answer, visit Wrap and Tuck to get the best quality shapewear for all your outfit and needs. It has a range of shapewear that focuses on your targeted body part and beautifully conceals those unflattering bulges. Get in your gorgeous shape today!

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